Journal articles

Recent papers are listed below. For a full list please refer to ResearchGate
  • Dennison, S.R., & Phoenix, D.A. (2011), Influence of C-terminal amidation on efficacy of modelin 5, Biochemistry, 50, 1514-1523.
  • Harris, F, Dennison, SR and Phoenix D. A. (2011) On the selectivity and efficacy of defence peptides with respect to cancer cells, Medical Research Reviews, In Press (DOI 10.1002/med.20252)
  • Harris, F, Dennison, SR and Phoenix D. A. (2011) Antimicrobial peptides from eukaryotic organisms and their mechanisms of action, Current Chemical Biology, 5, 142-153
  • Ahmed, M. Byrne, A. J., McLaughlin, J., Ehlissi, A., Phoenix DA,  Ahmed, W. (2011) Vibrational and AFM Studies of adsorption of  glycine on DLC and silicon doped DLC.  J Materials Science, 47, 1729-1736.
  • Dennison, S.R., & Phoenix, D.A. (2011), Effect of cholesterol on modelin efficacy, Biochemistry, 50, 10898-10909
  • Harris F, Dennison, S.R., & Phoenix, D.A. (2012), Aberrant action of amyloidogenic host defense peptides: a new paradigm to investigate neurodegenerative disorders?  FASEB J., 26, 1776-1781
  • Dennison, S.R., Akbar, Z,  Phoenix, D.A. Snape, T (2012), Interactions between suitably functionalised conformationally distinct benzanilide and phospholipid monolayers. Soft Matter, 8, 3258-3264
  • Dennison, S. R., Morton, L. G. H., and Phoenix, D. A., (2012), Effect of amidation on the antimicrobial peptide aurein 2.5 from Australian southern bell frogs. Prot. Pept. Lett., 19, 586-591.
  • Dennison, S. R., Morton, L. G. H and Phoenix, D. A., (2012), Role of molecular architecture on the relative efficacy of aurein 2.5 and modelin 5. Biochem. Biophys. Acta, 1818, 2094-2102
  • Hamblin D. And Phoenix D. A., (2012), A model for managing data assurance in higher education. J Higher Education Policy and Management, 34, 421-435
  • Elhissi, A., Giebultowicz, J., Stec, A., Wroczynski, P., Ahmed, W., Alhnan, A., Phoenix, D. A., Taylor, K. M., (2012), Nebulization of ultradeformable liposomes: The influence of aerosolization mechanism and formulation excipients. Int. J. Pharmaceutics,436, 519-526 (
  • Dennison, S.R, Phoenix, D.A. Snape, T.,(2012) Thermodynamic interactions of a cis and trans benzanilide with E. coli bacterial membranes. Eur. J Biophys., In press
  • Dennison, S.R, Phoenix, A., and Phoenix, D.A., (2012) Effect of salt on the interaction of Hal18 with lipid membranes. Eur. J Biophys., 41, 769-776.
  • Mura, M., Dennison, S., Zvelindovsky, AV and Phoenix DA, (2013), Aurein 2.3 functionality is supported by oblique orientated a-helical formation. Biochem. Biophys. Acta. 1828, 586-594 (
  • Abdelbary Elhissi, Kanar Hidayat, David A. Phoenix,Enosh Mwesigwa, StJohn Crean, Waqar Ahmed,Ahmed Faheem, Kevin M.G. Taylor, (2012), Air-Jet and Vibrating-Mesh Nebulization of Niosomes Generated Using a Particulate-Based Proniosome Technology. Int. J.Pharmaceutics In press.
  • Oliveira, LMA, Gomes, RA, Yang, D, Dennison, SR, Familia, C., Lages, A., Coelho, AV, Murphy RM, Phoenix, DA, Quintas, A., (2012) Insights into the molecular mechanism of protein native-like aggregation upon glycation. Biochem. Biophys. Acta. In press
  • Khalid, N. R., Ahmed, E., Ikram, M., Ahmed, M., Jackson, M. J., Phoenix, D. A., Elhissi, A., and Ahmed, W., (2012), Effects of calcination on structural and photocatalyltic properties of TiO2 nano-powders via TiCL4 hydrolysis. J. Mat. Eng. & Performance. In press.

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